About us

We are a local Nova Scotia basement waterproofing and foundation repair company. We have been fixing wet, leaky basements, cracked foundations and turning basement nightmares into dreams for over 30 years. We serve all of Nova Scotia from Sydney to Yarmouth! Jim Stewart, president of AquaTight basements has been doing foundation repair and fixing wet basements all his life. One day he discovered his basement was smelly and wet. He called a basement contractor and the process began. It was a long and expensive process. Worst of all, his basement began leaking again a year later. Jim was understandably upset, but decided to turn the negative experience around and develop a process that took less time and is more effective to fix basement leaks. Over the years Jim has perfected several process for interior and exterior basement waterproofing that are so effective, once the repair is done it lasts for the life of the property! Our processes for fixing wet basements is second to none. We do a very thorough evaluation before the job starts and put a plan together to fix your basement. We explain the process in detail so there are no surprises or hidden fees. We are committed to customer satisfaction. We are so confident in our work that we offer a transferrable lifetime guarantee. No job is too big or too small for us! Whether you need a sump pump or your house lifted off the foundation, we will fix your problem and make your basement better than new. No more walking on wet floors and avoiding your basement because of smelly mildew and hazardous mold. Radon Gas is a serious threat to your health. This invisible gas has no smell and comes from naturally from uranium deposits. Nova Scotia is a high-risk for radon gas. Once detected, we can seal the cracks and ensure your basement is safe from radon gas. A truly dry basement isn't just watertight, it's AquaTight! We offer superior products and workmanship at an affordable cost backed by a lifetime guarantee. Call us for a free estimate and let us show you how your basement nightmares can turn into dreams! 1-888-612-5554